What’s Your Story

What’s Your Story Program helps improve literacy and set loose the creative imagination of every participant. All they need is to have a working topic in mind.   This week-long program is for intermediate learners and can be completed independently or with assistance from someone in the home. We will provide the worksheets and support to provide hands-on learning. At the end of the 5-day program the participants will have the opportunity to have their stories published. 

July 13 – 17

Target Grade Level: 6-9

Derrick Henry

Derrick Henry

Derrick Henry is a member of the Orange Board of Education (NJ). He is a writing and English tutor. Previously, he was a writer for CBS Sports/Scout.

What Will You Learn?

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 Storyboarding or Story-mapping:

What is going to happen in your story? How many characters are you going to have? Who are the main characters? Is there a conflict, or do any of your character(s) go through a change during the course of your story? This is your exposition. You are introducing us, your readers, to your world.

Building your characters:
What’s your characters’ names? Are they growing through personal development, or fighting someone else? How does your main character interact with the rest of your ensemble, or the environment of his story?

Let’s Write:

Let’s put pen to paper, type, talk-tech, whatever it takes. Take us into your world, let’s meet your people. No more than 5 pages, maximum.



Let’s reread some of your stories. Maybe we can improve on some of the action or the characters in your story. Clean up a little bit of punctuation or grammar.

Read your finished product. Submit for publishing. Enjoy seeing your story in print. Show your parents and friends.

Are you ready for a week of Creative Writing?

Class size is limited.