Garden Club

Garden Club shows that anyone can grow food with a little bit of love and care. We kick off the club with a week-long project of growing food from scraps you may already have in your home. Garden Club continues after summer camp and meets every 2 weeks. 

July 13 – 17

Contessa Cooper

Contessa Cooper

Founder & Plant Enthusiast

Contessa Cooper is the Founder of UnPuzzled and a lover of plants. She has over 50 house and garden plants in her home. She believes in the power of growing your own food. 

What Will You Learn?

Use what you already have in your home. Grow what you eat. Each day we give suggestions of the type of scraps you can reuse. Feel gree to substitute with similar foods. 


Tubers such as potatoes and sweet potatoes. 


Scallions, onions, garlic & shallots 


Root Veggies: Carros, turnips,  radishes, parsnips, & beets.


Celery, lettuces, bok choy, & chard.


Herbs: Basil, mint & cilantro


Use the vegetables and herbs that you eat. 

Containers to hold your scraps-soda cans, plastic cups, jars, plastic storage containers, water bottles, food containers

Toothpicks or plastic folks 

tap water


You will need potting soil MUCH later. 

Are you ready to play in dirt and grow some things?

Class size is limited.