UnPuzzled Autism Homeschool Curriculum: Grades 1-3


Are you battling to discover a secular or nonreligious educational program for your kid on the autism spectrum?

Do you dream of giving a hands-on program for your young student but aren’t certain where to begin?

Do you want you could discover a detailed ready to go educational program loaded with core subjects areas such as math, writing, art, science, and social studies?

Do the majority of the available programs make you tremble with the idea of extensive weekly preparation?

Do you long to give your kid with an experience that is joy-filled, low-pressure, and also full of delight?

Do you also need a homeschool curriculum that can adapt to the specific learning style of your child, can be modified with their IEP in mind and can be us with ABA style of instruction?

We understand. You desire your youngster to fall for understanding, right from the start. You intend to nurture their hearts, in addition to their minds. You desire their days to be full of discovery and appeal, not recurring drills and arbitrary workbook pages.

We have exactly what you are looking for. 

Unpuzzled Autism Homeschool Programs for Grades 1-3  was designed to provide parents with a curriculum that focuses on the development of the whole child and at their level. Our comprehensive program includes:

— A cutting-edge educational program, incorporating ideas that stimulate the imagination as well as encourage creativity.

— Inspired learning using books packed with diverse cultures, modern storytelling, and award-winning titles.

— A Parent’s Guide that includes a thorough timetable, supply listings, economical ideas for curriculum application, and modifications for all learners.

We meticulously designed our educational program to work for families on a budget, as well as supply suggestions for acquiring every one of the required books and materials at very little price. You won’t need to invest hundreds of dollars after your initial purchase here! A lot of our tasks use what you currently have around your home, and are designed to be versatile for all budgets as well as family members.

With the UnPuzzled Autism Homeschool Curriculum, you can give your child the homeschool experience they deserve.

** PLEASE NOTE: All of our products are delivered via digital download. We do not print or mail hard copies of any curriculum at this time. Due to the nature of digital downloads, we do not offer any returns, exchanges, or refunds on any of our products.**

Who is the UnPuzzled Autism Homeschool Curriculum Grades 1-3 for?

– Parents who need a secular curriculum for their child who can read and comprehend on the 1st-3rd level.

– Parents who want their child’s homeschooling experience to be filled with exposure to the arts, science, math, social studies and quality children’s literature.

– Parents who need a curriculum that gently builds academic foundations in a developmentally-appropriate way, and moves at their child’s own unique pace.

– Busy parents who need a curriculum with minimal prep time each week.

– Parents on a budget that cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a boxed curriculum package

– Parents with hands-on learners

Who is it NOT for?

– Parents who need a curriculum that includes Bible study or a religious perspective.

– Parents who want a curriculum that their child can do completely independently.

– Parents who prefer workbooks to hands-on activities.

– Parents who want an online school experience for their child.

– Parents who need a rigorous academic program for their 1st-3rd grade child

– Parents who need every supply, book, and material for their year included in their purchase.


Volume 1 includes some of the following:


A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon

Whoosh! Lonnie Johnson’s Super-Soaking Stream of Inventions by Chris Barton

Battle Bunny by Jon Scieszka and Mac Barnett

Subject breakdown for A Bad Case of Stripes.

Art: Paint yourself with stripes. 
Math: Counting or basic addition with lima bean manipulatives.
Writing: What makes you different? 
Social studies: Doctors and specialists. Who are they and what do they do?
Science: Planting lima beans in a cup

Multisensory Activities:
Art: Rainbow Foam Bubbles sensory bin or Lima bean maracas
Math: Color, cut out, and count the lima beans (use for math assessment)
Writing: Unscramble the quote (using an included alphabet key)
Science: Dissecting a Lima Bean – learn the parts of a lima bean (watch the video and dissect your own lima bean – simple and fun method)
Social studies: What are some ways you can help others? Draw a picture to illustrate one of the ways you identified.

Art: Tell Me/Show Me the Colors of the Rainbow – using a rainbow image the child will point out and state the colors of the rainbow, and name an object for each color (ex: lemons are yellow)
Math: 5 addition/subtraction problems child will complete on their own. Use cut out lima beans (from Math multisensory activity) to show the equation and answer.
Writing/Comprehension: Story questions (write or say answers) – 1) What food did Camilla love to eat? 2) Why didn’t Camilla want to eat her favorite food?
Science: Can you name some parts of the lima bean?
Social Studies: Matching game – match the doctor/specialist with what they do.

Pre-Order Vol 1

The UnPuzzled Autism Homeschool Curriculum for Grades 1-3 retails for $100. Our Pre-sale price is $50 until Aug 8th.

This is a PDF download. No physical product will be mailed to you. The PDF download will be emailed to you on Sept 1st. 

Volume 1 is for 8 weeks of homeschool instruction. Volume 2 will be available for purchase on Oct 12th.