Be a part of the Bold Journey Forward Program

It’s no secret that caring for a child on the Autism Spectrum is challenging. It can be even more challenging when you are a single parent. That is why we created the BOLD JOURNEY FORWARD program. Our goal is to support 100 single moms like yourself. 


I am currently a single parent to an adult on the autism spectrum. I was a single parent most of my son’s life. I remember being young, alone and uncertain of what the future would hold for me…my son…and our life. I didn’t have many resources or much money for that matter. Living paycheck to paycheck was my norm and that was if I was employed. I would have loved to be a part of a program where coaches could help me navigate this autism thing with my needs in mind. If something like that was available, I couldn’t afford it.

That’s why I’m making The Bold Journey Forward for all single moms who didn’t think they could participate in something like this.  Call this my gift to all the “Young Tessa’s” out there.

The Bold Journey Forward project is a supportive strategy for parents of kids with autism to help them know how to help their child develop at any age. 

This project will be implemented within the Unpuzzled community, where families will receive

  • A community of like-minded parents that offer support during the many difficult moments special needs families face
  • A team of support professionals that are trained in the Unpuzzled Way, a and will guide families through to clarity on their next steps for their child’s intervention
  • A mentor to help them keep moving towards their goals, without burnout and stress
  • Mini-courses on a variety of topics that are relevant to parenting and supporting the developmental needs of special needs children.
  • A live event to foster local community and available resources. 

How do I apply?

Step 1: Read the FAQ’s below.

Step 2: Join the Unpuzzled Community. (It’s FREE)

Step 3: Invite other single moms that you know.


What is the Bold Journey Forward?

The Bold Journey Forward is a scholarship program sponsored by the UnPuzzled Community to provide 100 single moms who have children on the autism spectrum supports in an online setting. 

Each mom will have access to the following from the comfort of their own home: 

  • Team of professionals trained in life coaching, behaviors, wellness and alternative therapies. 
  • An assigned mentor to assist you with personal and family goals.
  • Short video & audio courses
  • Live event in a major city close to you.

This FREE program is available through generous donations. 

Who is eligible?

Applicants must meet the following eligibility guidelines:

  • A single mother with at least 1 child diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, Learning, Sensory or Communication disorder.

  • Low income, defined as 250% of the federal poverty guideline (we use this guide), OR able to demonstrate financial need despite income above this threshold.

  • Committed to actively participating in our 6-month program.

Anyone meeting these guidelines is welcome to apply for the Bold Journey Forward Scholarship located in the UnPuzzled Community.

Where is the application?

The application for the Bold Journey Forward is located in the FREE UnPuzzled Community. 

Additional Questions?

Please email us at