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can help 100 single moms who have children on the Autism Spectrum

We provide high-quality parent coaching and supports for the entire family in their quest for holistic, joyful life in community.

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What is the UnPuzzled Community?

MOM, DAD, SIS… CAREGIVERS NEED CARE TOO! We are here to provide for you in a safe, non-judgemental environment created just for you.


We’re going to be talking about how to make your life more manageable.

How to feel confident in your decisions, and how to find time for self-care.

How to make meals and baths and life easier to deal with, and how to navigate paperwork and therapists and endless things to do.

Most of all, we want to be a soft place to land on the hard days, because there aren’t a lot of places like that when you’re a caregiver.

It’s called UnPuzzled, because we’re not trying to make anyone fit into our community.




Vulnerable conversations on topics that matter to you such as meltdowns, relationships with your partner and what happens when our children become adults. We even allow venting without accepting advice from others.


Sharing of personal stories, lessons learned and inspiration.

How we help 100 SINGLE MOMS with children on the Autism Spectrum. 

The Bold Journey Forward is an initiative to support 100 single mothers caring for children with autism and other developmental or learning disabilities. The project offers these families high-quality parent coaching and supports the entire family in their quest for holistic, joyful life in community.  You can help us access sponsorship and donations, as well as introduce us to mothers who may benefit from this program. 

The UnPuzzled Team

We know what it is like to parent someone on the Autism Spectrum. We want to share our knowledge with you. Read our Story. 

Contessa Cooper

Contessa Cooper


Contessa is the founder of the Unpuzzled Community. She has an adult child on the autism spectrum and has dedicated most of his life as an advocate, parent resource and an listening ear for those who need it. Contessa called herself “the unlikely advocate”. She was a teen mom who overcame many challenges and enjoys sharing her story to help others. 


Faith Clarke

Faith Clarke

Business Strategist

Faith is a business strategist and inclusion specialist with a background in computer engineering, education and is completing doctoral studies in the psychology of new venture teams. She helps socially conscious businesses level up their productivity through their people and processes. Faith especially loves to do this with special needs family run businesses who create space for people with all abilities.


Briar Harvey

Briar Harvey

Systems Expert

Briar Harvey is an author, podcaster, and systems expert. She works with niche businesses to create sustainable business systems built around organic marketing and community building. She homeschools her three children, one of whom is on the autism spectrum.

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